In the past, I have been a musician, a traveler, a twenty-something, and a little bit lost. These days, I seem to have found my way a bit and I’m carving a new path for myself.

I am recently single, and spending a lot of time working on me to reclaim what I’ve lost over the last few years.

If my job helps to define me, then you should know I work in a busy inner city hotel in the marketing department. I am all things sales, marketing, loyalty and guest experience and I genuinely love it. There is a certain charm about communicating with guests and being seen as a host and I relish it.

I love to be outside exercising and wish I got more time to do it. I have been doing triathlons for the last few years as I find that fits into my schedule the easiest. I did my first Olympic distance two years, and have a love/hate relationship with them. I love that it is a great all round and endurance sport, but at the end of the run, I’m usually hating on life.

Finally, I like a good debate. I have my opinions, as we all do, and I would like to think that I have put some thought into most of my choices. People who make bold statements without being able to justify them, would be better off keeping quiet. A fair amount of saying things off the top of your head is fine, but throwing statements around that start with “I always…” are defining statements that should hold a bit of weight and credibility and should have more forethought.

So this blog is about me, and I’m talking about other people. Typical.


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